>> Sunday, January 3, 2010

my second public blog is this



>> Friday, January 1, 2010

its been a month or two since i rly sat on the sofa in the living room and watch a movie.. usually during this hour thats either i was doin my stuff outside or hanging out with frens or workin in the counter. i even missed out my fav show "mou gik han" from the first show till the end.. but luckily enuf, i got to watch the final replay today in wahlaitoi hehe :D cartoonnetwork super yeng loh..heh.. and the BBox boy Shwan if i am not mistaken?! how did he do that??! with all the sounds mix? luv it.
otherthan that, i teman my bak leong today to jusco selatan bo buy couzies's new year cloths. it was so packed and i kept yawning, maybe lack of slp or slp too much i ve got no idea.. shun bian visit stephy at speedy and bought clannad dvd's season 1 and 2 + soundtracks!! yeahhh!!
back to new year..hw did i celebrate my new yearr? hmm..as planned, we had diner at shogun and crazy takin photos.. and i think shogun foods is way better than some othr buffer. one of it is jogoya i must say... maybe the foods quality had downgrade alr compare to last time.. after dine, we continue our nxt session to myew hse and tae hse to watch movie.. everyone was tired alr...i was not excluded..


this will be the last post for 2009

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

this is really weird. and suprised me. the other day, i went to visit my ah gu at gleneager. i dun feel nervous or hands swt when i go inside the hospital. i even dare to go to the lift by myself and buy 100plus. (: good job myee! kononlah,, takut hantu!! just like yesterday night, while i drove home alone, the car was silent, and i takut tengok the back mirror! very quiet the road....scare lah.... haish... oky, my ah gu, he got heart attacked, and he's in hdc now, critical and very serious condition. Sad for ah gu family members and his loved one.. doctor said he ll leave us anytime... i hope ah gu's son Ah Leong will see and read the star newspaper and come back home~to see ah gu for the last time..

today will be the last day for 2009. quick rite...
New Year, will always be a better year... :))))
more joy, more luck, more income, and most importantly, good health!

Happy New Year!


1st Gathering smkcp choir members

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

it's nice to have a gathering once in a bluemoon.. FB does keep us all connected but its different if we could see each other face to face. its nice to see them again after so long..talk craps all the way.. heh.. more people came than i expect... quite lookin frward fr the nxt gather....


>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

battery is running low, i ve gt to rush and finish typing before it shuts down hehee.. guess where am i nw? came to tae's house play yest night, watched the davincci code. i went to sleep half way(not even half)...they continue to watch The Island. until wat time i dont know. everyone is still sleeping like pig now except me and koh playing his shooting games. hehe.. currently puttin on earphone and listenin to wedding dress on the ttplayer. so sweat..xD

my christmas this year is quite speciaal..quiet and peaceful...together with my bffs and coll frens.. maybe because we ve tried out too many plans already, now we hardly can think of goin anywhr or even plan for an activity hehe..

will have a gathering tonight at wong kok. waiting others to confirm the time.
gotto stop here. ta!

wake them up wake them up! xD


>> Wednesday, December 23, 2009

had an appointement today with mak for lunch supposed but ended up at 3 shopping malls which are at subang area, he vry familiar with. unlike me, vry unfamilar with PJ road. same thing, gossips and eat eat eat! most of the time our topics is relate with wat we are doin right now. quite serious stuff to talk about but we just have to. hah.. headed to sunway to survey some stuffs and suddenly thought of crocs which i thought of getting myself one. went into crocs shop and same as midv, no more stock. that sales person ask us to try subang parade. took us 15min to reach there. dun have my size. was in between size 5 and 7. "lucky" me huh.. the sales person was quite helpful though checked for me and she said ioi and 1U got my size! oh yayy.. mak said ioi lah since its near. finally, got it. i feel so great now~~ and mak is happy too becos he get to see such a cute kitty shoes!! hahah.. i guess, this is the first time i buy a shoe buy until so happy..vry different....and it is CUTE! so cute arr ..meow meow...

reached home... wait superman home and everyone starts our meal..great dine.. bak leong and ah yi said i goin 20 already in the year of 2010. haihs.. why so quick?! i can feel the pressure lah.. i keep denyin it and said i am only 19. and i told superman, "pls dont take me as an adult age of 20 can?". continue take me as a 19year old gal but dun treat me as a kid. he said, "okay". hah.. the feeling is great. i feel great today. hope tmr, the day after tmr..and the following days, months, years also a great great one.

oh yea..one more thing, would like to remind all my dear drens and readers here, please and PLEASE becareful and be alert when driving.. please... i received a bad news frm my ah yi today tat her cousin sis husband was passed away just now in a car accident. left 4 childrens and a wife here and her family was jus average. more sad cases, this year was a bad year for ah yi's family side. 2 uncles and 1 auntie was passed away due to cancer. and 3 was passed away too because of car accident. shock me and unbelievable. RIP


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